An Important Question to Ask While Achieving Your Goals

If you truly want to reach your health and fitness goals, there’s an important question you can ask yourself – whether to motivate you, hold you accountable, or help you stay on track.
I should highlight that this question is not necessarily limited to your health and fitness goals, but can be applied to any life goals you may have.
When your day is complete, and you have nothing left to do except ready yourself for bed, ask yourself:
“What did I do today to get me one step closer to achieving my [health and fitness] goal?”
It’s clear that if you did something on a particular day, even if it was something small, that shows you are doing what needs to be done to achieve your goals and you are well on your way.
However, if you can’t answer this question with frequency, especially on most days of the week, you should reevaluate your goals and ask what these goals really mean to you.
If you asked yourself this question today and the answer was not what you expected, don’t be alarmed. Most people (especially those you regularly interact with) don’t have an answer either…
Most of us just let life pass us by, repeating our daily rituals, hoping for a positive life to appear from nowhere – improving one’s life without having to work for it.
In all my experiences, I have not seen anyone achieve their health and fitness goals without putting in a little work. Many have tried: “quick fix” workout routines, failed diets, and pills/supplements that claim to transform your life while applying little effort.
The key is to start making small changes daily by making better choices related to your goals.
If you really want to achieve your health and fitness goals, just ask the question highlighted above. The question (and answer) will hold you accountable on your journey to happiness!
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