Lost 19 Pounds


Lost 35 Pounds


Lost 80 Pounds


Lost 40 Pounds


So far, thirteen pounds gone in thirteen weeks. It feels like magic. I never imagined how changing my nutrition and exercise habits could get me where I want to be so fast. New life!

Just what was missing. Thanks for helping me get my training and nutrition on track.

New year, new me! I finally got an exercise program that’s developed around the equipment I have or have access to. I was thinking about getting the training program that offers access to the nutrition database to create my weekly nutrition plan based on my calorie needs. Because I enjoy my current nutrition habits, Dr. Mike gave me a crash course in how many daily calories I need based on my goals and exercise plan. I’m happy! 🙂

I was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning with the amount of information. Reviewing the material repeatedly, asking Dr. Mike questions, and just being consistent has helped me get a pattern going. I’m getting closer to making a lifestyle change.

What a fabulous journey. I feel better! I look better! I am better!

Three months in and 20 pounds down. I feel so good. Better than I felt in a decade.

There’s been some ups and downs over the last six months during my weight loss journey, but thanks to Dr. Mike for keeping me motivated and accountable. It’s been tough, but the tough love has been worth it.

Things are going great. I have a long way to go. Dr. Mike is making my life so much better!!! 🙂

I’ve been cooking daily and improving my nutrition continuously. I’m glad Dr. Mike offered an exercise-only program. This is what was missing in my journey to healthy living. Thank you so much!