Continued Growth: Focus on the Process Not the Result

On a daily basis, I try to learn something new. When I want to be inspired to be a better person for me and those around me, I might read my list of quotes from some of our greatest societal leaders (past and present). When I want to focus on my leadership abilities in a positive way, I might pull out The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership to remind myself of the impact I have on myself, my students, and my clients. Or when I want to develop my health and fitness business prowess in order to pass along quality information, the John Spencer Ellis blog might be my go-to.

The point is I’m not necessarily concerned with my end goal in various aspects of my life, but rather the everyday ongoing processes that focus on development. It’s my belief that taking this route will inevitably lead to results, results that will continue to inspire new and more rewarding goals.

Continuous Personal Development

Taking the path with an end as the theme leads to content once reached. This can hamper our continued growth of being healthier people; better workers, bosses, or business owners; and even our ability to positively impact those around us and society as a whole.

In the fitness context:

“Everyone is looking for a quick fix, but what they really need is fitness.  People who look for fixes stop doing what’s right when pressure is relieved.  People who pursue fitness do what they should no matter what the circumstances are.”      ~Kevin Myers

If we want to be better versions of ourselves, there is no end. This has to become an ongoing process throughout our lives where we choose to continuously develop ourselves. This could be done in multiple ways, but there have been a few things that have worked for me and many others. Make an effort to learn (or relearn) something new every day; make space for some alone time, a crucial ingredient to aid in analyzing, planning and organizing one’s life, and thus leading to self-improvement; and of course, application – apply what you’ve learned to your life.

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