What Is Your Story?

Never Underestimate The Stories You Tell Yourself

What stories do you tell yourself?

What stories do you tell yourself concerning your disappointments and failures?

Do you tell yourself that you were a victim?

Or, do you say to yourself that they’re simply lessons on the way to success?

Do you tell yourself that you have bad genetics.  That you’re too old, broken, or out of shape to start working out?

Are you telling yourself the story where you can’t build the body you want… that all those people with great bodies are “lucky, special or different”?

Perhaps it’s time you start telling different versions of those stories…

The stories you tell yourself are the foundations of your self-image…and your self-image is the platform your success is and will always be built on.

“Your level of success can never rise above the one visualized internally.” -Maxwell Maltz

If your story reveals you to be a victim, as unlucky, or as short of the tools needed for greatness…YOU become the number one obstacle to your own success.

But, if the story you tell yourself presents you to be resilient, resourceful, smart, strong…then those obstacles and challenge you face are the battles you have to fight to achieve your ultimate success.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Say it loud and say it proud: “Every day is a new opportunity to change your life.  You have the power to say, this is not how my story ends!”

You get to be the author of your story…

You just have to decide how you want your story to read…

Do you believe that you can succeed?  That you can accomplish great things?

I hope you do…and I hope that’s the story you’re telling yourself, because the story in your head will precede the reality that you achieve…

So, author wisely! 🙂

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