Simple Tips to Understanding Clean Eating

The simplest way to understanding clean eating is to eat foods that are the least refined and processed. That means eating foods that are “real,” or closest to being whole foods. Eating whole foods can be difficult for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest challenges is the way most food is produced today. Below I highlight a few tips to consider when your goal is to eat foods in their most natural form, or clean eating.

Clean Eating is:

● Fruits
● Vegetables
● Protein
● Healthy Fats
● Whole Grains
● The fewer the ingredients the better (go for 5 or less)
● Whole food or food as close to it’s natural form and is processed or refined as little as possible

Clean Eating is not:

● Processed and refined foods
● Added sugars
● Hydrogenated oils
● Preservatives
● Frozen meals
● Ingredients you can’t pronounce

Concentrate on the basics by simply filling your plate with:

● Palm-sized portion of protein (2 for the guys)
● Veggies and fruits
● Cupped palm size portion of whole grains or starchy carbohydrates after your workout (if you are working on fat loss)
● Thumb sized portion of healthy fats
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