A Brief on Why and How to Not Miss Breakfast

Our lives have gotten busier and busier, and this is a reality most days of the week morning to night. Mornings are typically the most stressful given many of us go to bed late, lose sleep, and rush to get on with our daily duties. This, unfortunately and all too often, leads to missing breakfast.   
When we miss breakfast, especially when it becomes a reoccurring pattern, missing other meals throughout the day develops into a common theme as well. This has an impact on our health and fitness goals. For instance, missing meals put the body in starvation mode, which causes the body to waste lean muscle while storing body fat at the same time. Even more problematic, with the low blood sugar food deprivation creates, energy levels are adversely affected throughout the day. Many of us have felt the consequences of this lack of energy – inability to concentrate, a bit crankier, etc.  
To solve this problem, you have to make time for breakfast! There is no excuse! If you find yourself strapped for time, preparing breakfast the night before could be the solution. A breakfast high in healthy protein and fiber should be the focus.
Here are a few other breakfast suggestions for those who are short on time:
  • Protein shake. There’s nothing like blending a quality protein powder with some of your favorite fruits and/or veggies to start the day.
  • Dinner leftovers. If you enjoyed your dinner the night before, why not enjoy it a second time around? Heat and eat.
Whatever your taste buds desire, whether it be a smoothie or pancakes, you have to make time for the most important meal of day.