1 Year Exercise & Nutrition Program


*Initial 60 min Consultation
*Customized Exercise Program
*Personalized Nutrition Plan
*Video and Print Exercise Demos
*Recipes, Favorites, Cookbook, and Grocery Lists
*6-Week Review of Program
*Continuous Support


The 1 year plan is recommended for those who have health and fitness goals that exceed six months. This duration also comes with the added and continuous motivation and accountability over the long haul.

Shortly after purchasing your program, you will receive an email with a temporary username and password to access the Online Personal Training Portal. Once logged into the system, you will change your password and complete user agreement. We will then set up an appointment to consult via phone or Zoom so we can 1) discuss your goals and complete the initial health and fitness assessments; 2) select the type of exercises you enjoy doing, exercise equipment you have access to, and the days/times you plan to conduct your exercises, which will play a key role in the design of your strength and cardio training programs; and 3) add/delete categories of foods so they will (or will not) show up in meals, recipes and grocery lists as part of your nutrition program.

After you complete your selections/deletions to all portions of the program Dr. Mike will fine tune it, personalize it, and have it available to you within 8 hours (usually sooner). Whether for questions, comments, motivation or accountability, communication will continue throughout the length of your program. Every six weeks, there will be a review of your complete program to ensure it’s meeting your goals at the pace originally planned; there will be minor adjustments if necessary. You will have access to the Online Personal Training Portal for 1 year.

  1. Things are going great. I have a long way to go. Dr. Mike is making my life so much better!!! 🙂

  2. Three months in and 20 pounds down. I feel so good. Better than I felt in a decade.

  3. So far, thirteen pounds gone in thirteen weeks. It feels like magic. I never imagined how changing my nutrition and exercise habits could get me where I want to be so fast. New life!

  4. There’s been some ups and downs over the last six months during my weight loss journey, but thanks to Dr. Mike for keeping me motivated and accountable. It’s been tough, but the tough love has been worth it.

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